Choosing the most beautiful part of Costa Rica is a considerable challenge, as each province boasts a wealth of natural wonders for you to explore. 

However, Santa Teresa is tough to beat when it comes to unparalleled isolation, seclusion and idyllic tropical serenity.

On average, the temperatures are always high.

Rain in May, June, July, August, September, October. Most wet in September.

Dry in Jan, February, March. Feb driest. March most sunny.

Warmest is March average max 35°C (95F)

Coldest May max average 31°C (87F)


The average water temperature during the year located in Playa Santa Teresa (Pacific Ocean) at 28.20°C | 82.76°F.


At about 29.00°C | 84.20°F is the maximum of the water temperatures over the months. This will be reached in April. The low is 27.30°C | 81.14°F and is measured in November.

Below you can see the average monthly sun hours and average monthly precipitation in the Santa Teresa region.